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This service consists of five meals serving four people
with appropriate sides. The meals are ready to freeze
with a couple of fresh meals ready to serve.  

5 for 4 Package.....................$300.00

*Plus cost of groceries
20 meals total (Example: 20 for a single person, 10 meals for a couple & 5 meals for family of 4)

This service consists of three meals serving four people with appropriate side dishes. The meals are ready to freeze
with a couple of fresh meals ready to serve.

3 for 4 Package.............$250.00

*Plus cost of groceries
12 meals total (Example: 12 meals for a single, 6 meals for a couple, 3 meals for family of 4)
Additional entrees (4 servings) available for an extra charge.
Additional side dishes and desserts available for a nominal fee

Meals are prepared in your home and based on your individual schedule.
Service consists of fresh meals that can be frozen for future use. Average grocery costs range
from $75 to $175 (depending on meal choices). 

Beach Vacation Package!!

If you are planning a stay in the Tampa Bay area beaches and don't want to spend time grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning, then this is the service for you.

Up to four days service for four people, includes lunch and dinner. $450 plus grocery cost. 

Contact for more information and to schedule your service.

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"Darlene came in and talked to us about our food likes and tastes. Then she prepared a refrigerator full of delicious food"

Jennifer, 2/15/16

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